Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's Snow without a hovercraft

Winter is fast approaching and my hover is poised ready to take on the winter weather fun. If you've never flown on ice and snow you really need to get out and try it. A lot of hover owners put the thing away in the winter but if you dress for the occasion or are like me and have a winter front on your hover it is a blast. I like open fields and flat ice when you can find miles of this type of terrain it's almost heaven. The Kishwaukee River starting in Belvidere IL is one that offers a lot of variety and has point that you can exit the river and fly the fields or parks. I would highly recommend Northern IL for this awesome sport. Come join us where everyone else has to stop we're just getting started. Hills, frozen lakes and rivers, open fields wooded areas all become our playground in the winter. If you would like to try an Illinois Ice Road Adventure please contact me. We look forward to helping you experience Winter in a Hover. Happy Holidays