Friday, April 5, 2013

golf cart hovercraft

Congratulations Neoteric on landing a spot on a well watched TV show with a couple of great shots of the hover. I'm curious about a couple of things with regard to the hover on the golf course. Noise, first I don't know that much about golf but from what I understand they like to have it rather quiet and tranquil on the golf course. Second slide how you going to keep people from sliding into trees and other golfers when they are on the course. Having flown for a lot of years I am well aware of the new pilot’s hazard of sliding into things due to the nature of the Ground Effect on the hover. Now what happens when you fly across grass? Debris is lifted up and blown out the back. On pristine course this might not be much of a problem but on the typical course pilots are not going to like the mess.

I do not see hovers replacing the golf cart on the course, at least not in their current state, however I do believe that the hover would and will make a great addition to the grounds keeper arsenal. The hover is actually the ideal machine for moving equipment over the delicate surface of the course. The hover skirts gently rake the grass and the air blows the debris away. What is left is an incredibly healthy patch of grass. The hover's ability to carry weight without impacting the surface also makes it a great tool for the grounds keeper and the fact that it does not press down on the surface allows you to fly over a green without damaging it.

Winter flying on golf courses could boost the revenue of the course in the northern states where the course is not being used in the winter but that is the topic of another posting so I will wait on that one. However if someone would like to see for themselves before spending the money on a golf cart hover please contact us we are always up for a spin in the hover.