Saturday, August 1, 2015

Renegade by Universal Hovercraft


For years UH has had a presence in the hovercraft industry. Recently they have started making some interesting innovative strides with the new Renegade two person hovercraft. I have had the privilege of visiting their factory and discussing future plans with President Bill Zang and learning about the many features of this new breed of hovercraft. UH is moving into a new era with the Renegade and it's technology, by seeking to offer a smooth running quiet hover with ever improving design.  When talking with Bill you will hear phrases like "what does the air want to do" "blending different composites" and "Style and comfort" of course my favorite is "faster". The nice thing about the changes, the existing Renegades can be upgraded, allowing current owners of the Renegade to improve as changes are made. The Renegade is light weight (currently weighing in around 350 lbs)

One feature that UH has not changed is you have an option, Kit or Turn Key. For those having the ability to follow instructions and the patience to work at putting the hover together you can save several thousands of dollars by assembling your hover yourself. However UH doesn't stop there they also offer a partially assembled unit for people like me who are all thumbs. All of this means UH is heading toward fulfilling a commitment to expanding the hovercraft market and helping as many would be hover pilots as possible, start their own exciting hovercraft adventure. I look forward to working with UH and offering the Renegade as another choice to my customers at TLS WindSled. For more information on the Renegade or to schedule a Pit Pass Lesson and experience the Renegade yourself please go to  and select contact. Under enter message request a Pit Pass and we will provide you with instructions for scheduling and payment.