Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Potomac River and Conquering my fears part 2

Call me a sissy but I am here and now admitting to one of my greatest fears... Spiders. That's right not just a spider but a lot of spiders, creepy, crawling, and ugly and as I reached up my hand the log above my head was covered in them. Now was a moment of decision do I let my male passenger who is a rescue worker and I'm sure has faced many dangerous situations find us crushed between a log and the rushing water or do I reach up grab the log and push us off to the side. What to do? Well in that moment my mind and reflexes sprang into overdrive and I realized if I didn't reach up and push us away from that log I would be pinned in that spot with all those creepy spiders dropping into my hover and then crawling all over me. So in one heroic moment I reached up and with cat like speed I pushed us away gunned the engine and broke out from under the log and into a boulder patch that was nothing short of a train wreck of boulders in front of me. I thought I can face this at least it's not covered with spiders. With that I attacked the boulder field and had to raise my hover up on cushion turn sharply and then set it down to move past the next boulder. The entire field of boulders ran about 35 feet and was like a maze of rocks in from of me with just enough room to slide my hover past it. I was satisfied with the hovers performance and maneuverability. By now I was working my way around the lack of power in my engine and we were able to get through the boulder field with relative ease and all I could think about was that nasty log filled with spiders.