Monday, August 6, 2012

Hover Sharing

Hovercrafts for the most part are what people consider an expensive toy. However when you stop and consider that you're getting a boat, snowmobile, and an ATV all in one machine the price of the hover averages out to a much lower cost factor. While the hover can do nearly everything a boat can do it typically won't travel as fast as a boat with the same horsepower, on the other hand a 10 foot boat for instance could not handle 3 to four foot waves, nor will it run up on land and then back to water, and try running your boat of any size on ice solid or thin and see what happens. The hover won't run quite as fast as a snowmobile but then it doesn't sink in the snow when you stop, it can travel on a partially frozen river or lake and if you break through the ice it won't sink. When it comes to ATV the hover allows you travel on land over various surfaces and while it will not climb the type of grades or the rough surface that most ATV's can travel over the hover will travel over mud like no ATV can and if you stop on the mud surface it will not sink. If you think about the cost of a 10 foot hover that will carry two people and then price out a boat that will carry two people you'll find the boat cost about five to eight thousand less than the hover, but then you have to add in the snowmobile and ATV options which means you add around six to eight thousand for an ATV and another eight to twelve thousand for the snowmobile and your savings buying any one of these recreational vehicles disappears and is actually higher by about eight to twelve thousand dollars. Still not convinced? Well we at TLS WindSled have decided to help you experience hovercrafting at a fraction of the cost through our hover share program. For a very low one time price you can share in the ownership of a hover and not just one but multiple sizes of hovers. Through this unique program you can own a two, three, and up to a seven person hover the sharing the cost of purchase with several different owners. If you would like to know more go to our web site and click the tab GT Hover Share and discover whether this program is something you could use to experience hovercrafting at a very affordable price. Participants fly hovers that are never more than 2 years old always maintained, gassed up, and insured ready for fun flying. We have group rates available so check it out at

Happy Hovering