Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Redneck Fishing Tournament

Redneck Fishing Tournament
Asian Carp Hunt Bath Illinois
Many thanks to Betty Deford owner of The Boat Tavern for allowing us to attend the event
Up until recently I was not aware that there was a Bath Illinois but there it was right out in the middle of nowhere. I believe the population is around 200 in non-tournament times but on this day the population swelled to somewhere around 15-20,000 people. We arrived around 10:30 AM to what I thought would be a quiet little fishing tournament. Man was I shocked by the numbers that turned out for the event. There were over 100 boats signed up to participate and according to the first nights results of 7,000 fish captured the tournament was going to be very successful in both hunting the fish and participation by those who registered.  Due to the huge turnout we were unable to demonstrate our hovercraft during the tournament but we certainly plan to attend and demonstrate the hovercraft next year. If you missed it this year don’t miss next years event I’m sure it will continue to grow. The Silvers were popping out of the water even at low speeds and in the catch zone it was crazy. Check out Betty’s web site for details on the event.
Thanks again Betty for the wild experience and I hope next years event brings you and your community increased attendance and success.

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