Monday, December 26, 2011

New Dealer Location Savannah IL

E-mail came in from a person claiming they had an interest in a sportsman style hovercraft, I arranged with him to come to Rockford and take a test ride. When Gary showed up I was just getting my hover ready to go and it was running a little rough. After discussing a few of the features of my Hoverstar Sportsman we loaded up and started out from the parking lot of the park we were launching from. It is always a hoot to see a person experiencing hovercrafting for the first time. For some reason when you unload from your fly on fly off trailer in the parking lot it doesn't register with the person that you don't need water to fly this thing then you get them into the hover and throttle up and the craft lifts and starts moving forward. They almost always get this puzzled look on their face and then you head toward the water and the transition from land to water is so smooth you hardly notice it and they get this look of relief as if to say "Oh it goes on land and water"! I typically like to fly a few hundred yards from the launch then shut the unit down to show people that it will float, because that is a big question on their mind, I think the first thing I would ask before I went on a hover from land to water is "Will it float if the motor dies" especially if it is cold out. Gary and I flew down the river a ways then I cut off the main channel into some really tight log jams just to show him your not limited to where you can go, after the log jams I turned the hover back out into the main channel and back to the boat ramp so we could talk. The hover was still running sluggish so I barely made it up the ramp and back to the parking lot. Recently I had a part added to my hover that increases the temperature range on the two cycle without having to make jetting changes on the carburetor and I had the setting about a quarter of a turn out of sync so once we landed I adjusted and it was immediately obvious that the engine was running better. Unfortunately my passenger had other commitments and couldn't go back out on the river with me. I figured at that point I would not hear from him again. I was really surprised a day later when I got an e-mail not only saying he was interested but would like to discuss opening a dealership down in Savannah IL on the Mississippi River. I made arrangements to meet him at his home and what an incredible view of the river he has from his living room window. The backwaters that he lives on are huge and were just starting to freeze over so I knew we were gonna have fun in the future with our hovers down at his place. After making the arrangements for his dealership we discussed a wide variety of things about the hovers that would make them more usable for hunters and fishermen. Gary has some really cool ideas and I can't wait to implement them. If you happen to live in the Savannah IL area and would like a test flight in a hover it will be an awesome experience for you so please contact us so we can get you hooked up with Gary.
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