Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mississippi Savanah IL

There are a few places I especially like to fly and the Miss by Savanah IL is one of them. The river in this area is especially divers with mud flats, backwater pools, and open channels. The views on the river at this location are awesome all the way up to Dubuque with high cliffs and sheer rock walls. This past weekend provided me with a brief adventure into the backwater of this area. My friend Gary from G & M Motor Sports located in Thomson IL took me out on a short ride in his new Hovertechnics Hoverstar LC. The craft has a 100 HP Rotax Liquid cooled engine and plenty of room for two adults plus gear. We were out for about an hour and a half and it was interesting to note that where ever Gary looked he just went. We were able to fly into some areas that Gary told me he hadn't been able to get back into in years because his boat couldn't go through the stuff we were flying over. This was his first time out on his new hover and I was giving him a few pointers on what to do and how to manuever through some of the areas. We stopped in a pool isolated from the rest of the river by mud flats and tall swamp grass. As we sat there discussing some of the potential of the hover in his area he pointed out some of the wild life around us and said, "Just think all the people out here on the river today can't enjoy this and most don't have a clue it is even here. That's the beauty of owning a hovercraft it allows you to go where others can't" what an awesome statement and that's why at TLS WindSled we have a saying, "Where everyone else has to stop we're just getting started" I would like to invite you to come join us at the edge of adventure! Hovering is an experience you really do need to try. If you would like to have your own adventure contact me from my web site at www.hovercraftusa.org

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