Sunday, June 24, 2012

Draught a new experience

Boaters beware don’t follow me I’m going where you can’t. I would like to hang that sign on my hover right now. I see the water levels of many rivers around me dropping and boaters are limited to smaller and smaller areas due to prop and hull damage. One of the cool things about the hover is you don’t need water and if you are flying on water you don’t need much of it. When draughts come as they seem to do on a regular cycle hovering becomes and even more exciting experience. Flying over new sand bars discovering sunken treasures that are normally covered by water now we have access to those areas and if they happen to be mud flats they become an unexpected new experience. Flying of smooth flat mud provides you with a fast ride. Mud can be nearly as fast as smooth ice I was flying on the Pecatonica river which is notorious for its silt and I sort of forgot what I was on and jumped out of the hover when I set it down and sunk up to my knees in mud, so you have to be careful when you’re landing on the mud flats it can be more annoying than dangerous but it does make a real mess in the hover. So if your living in an area with draught or a lot of mud flats head out with your hover and have fun you are in for a really great day hovering.

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