Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Potomac River and Conquering my fears

I made it up and over the falls with no problem. We then headed upstream and at each new level there were new challenges. I thought to myself does this thing ever end? It was one obstacle after another and each time the hover rose up and over the top of it. My passenger would point and I would direct the hover to that area. I began to realize that if I had my smaller hover this thing would have been even more fun to fly. Then we would come to another patch of boulders and I would twist and turn the hover up over that obstacle. Flying the Potomac is unlike anything I had ever flown before only because of the extreme frequency of the obstacles. My passenger directed me to the far right side of the river, I could see the left side had a pretty significant waterfall shoot so I assumed he wanted to avoid it. By this point I knew I could climb through the shoot so it really didn't matter to me which way we went. As we maneuvered through the rocks on that were strewn along the right side of the river I began to be concerned that where we were heading had no water coming over the top it was just a huge boulder with nothing but dry ground around it. I had no idea why my passenger wanted to go that way but I obliged him. Now as we approached what appeared to be the end of the water flow I turned the hover on a 90 degree turn and saw a large tree laying across the only exit available to me other than traveling back down stream to take another path. I accessed the situation and felt that I could get under the tree I approached the water shoot that was streaming under the tree and realized I had missed judged the height of the opening by a couple of inches. I thought "no problem I'll just reduce the lift and slide under the tree" however when I let the hover down the current caught us and started pulling us toward the base of the tree which would have wedged us in a really awkward position so I reached up with my hand to push the hover back on track. Now I've been in some really bad situations with my hovers and I've learned to work my way out of them but this particular situation had a very ugly addition that I had not anticipated, as I reached my hand up to push us back on track my eyes beheld a frightening sight.

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