Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to use a hovercraft 2

This picture has nothing to do with the topic but I have never gotten into this tall of reeds and thought it was an interesting picture.

I wasn’t sure what Tim wanted so when I arrived I got out of the vehicle and asked Tim what he would like us to attempt. He informed me that he had a few puddles he wanted me to try to dry out. Per his instructions we pulled down a muddy tractor path to an area at the end of the shop portion of Tim’s property. I sat there staring at a “puddle” about the size of a ball diamond. The thing appeared to be about two to three feet deep. I thought that figures I came to dry out a puddle this guy wants me to dry out a small lake, I was glad I didn’t tell him straight out “Yes I can do this” because right now I was really doubting that we could do much. Tim’s first concern was for the damage this 16x8 foot hovercraft was going to do to the sod that was not underwater. We assured him the hover would not tear up his sod, he was a bit apprehensive to say the least when I fired up the V8 and the props began to crank out air. I let my Hovertechnics Hoverguard 800 slide off the trailer and onto Tim’s well-manicured sod. I could almost hear him let out a whimper as the 1500 pound beast settled on the grass. I let it warm up a bit then slowly moved it out into the open field where I could begin working on his problem. As I moved the hover I saw him looking at the sod and then I saw the expression on his face change from one of concern to one of hope, as he could not see where the hover was sitting. One nice thing about hovercraft is the wide stance they have allows the weight to be spread out over a large area, which translates into very low impact on the surface your sitting on. I was glad to see Tim’s face light up it gave me the assurance that we were heading in the right direction with this. Tim directed us to our first small lake. I felt like Moses trying to part the Red Sea but I did as Tim asked. I blew a lot of water around and as I was doing it I was glad to have the large winter front on the 800, which kept the nasty water, grass, and mud off me and on the hover. What a mess, at that point I thought I should have let Paul do this in the GT that way he would have been getting dirty not me. My son Paul is very creative and adventuresome as long as it’s my son Seth or me doing the flying. Paul never hesitates to volunteer me when it comes to this type of stuff, I’m sure this is pay back for grounding him or something when he was younger. At any rate the hover was working and after a few minutes we were able to disperse a lot of the water but it was still standing on the field. I was rather disappointed in the outcome but Tim wasn’t ready to give up yet he moved me on to the next pond.

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