Sunday, April 3, 2011

A really bad day hovering 3

This Picture as nothing to do with the story it is just a reminder of a better day hovering, to keep me from getting to depressed!

Have you ever noticed when things go wrong they go really wrong? This was a really wrong moment, first the words out of my young son’s mouth cut like a knife as he yelled “what were you thinking?” okay now that was really uncalled for I was feeling bad enough without having to be justly scolded by my 17 year old whose two friends were totally convinced I was trying to exterminate both of them and my son. I felt like I had a large L on my forehead and at the moment I was painting it all by myself as I watched him and the two other boys literally leap from the craft to the safety of the river bank. I started to mutter some type of an apology but that was short lived as the next event filled me with horror. Water it was coming into the hover and rather quickly at that. I hit the switch for the bilge pumps; looking back I realized it was like trying to bail out a boat with a tea strainer. It seemed to me that all the bilge pumps increased the flow of water into the hull of the hover. I hit the engine starter and it chirped to life, well actually it was more of a desperate moan and gurgling sound of a drowning man. I thought perhaps if I get the props turning they will blow the water out of the hull and assist the bilge pumps. It did! Only not the way I hoped it would. It seemed like the fans just sucked more water in and they began to sputter like a child blowing through a straw into a glass of milk, and with that I shut the engine off hoping to at least spare the cost of replacing it. Out of all that took place in those few moments of horror the only smart thing I did was now done, by shutting off the engine I did indeed prevent the destruction of my muscle car motor. It was at that moment the next really bad thing happened, you see when you fill a boat with water there comes a moment when the weight exceeds the ability of the flotation device to perform, we had reached that moment when in all tragedies things seem to take a turn for the worse. I felt the craft going down into the murky water of the mighty Pecatonica River, something heroic but rather futile came over me as I jumped into the muddy waters of the river and attempted to lift my nearly one ton hovercraft back up to the surface. Now I had proceeded from the level of stupid to idiot or maybe it is the other way around at any rate my attempt to rescue my $56,000 investment was failing miserably.

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