Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back to Lake Geneva the end of a great hover day

We returned to the Lake Geneva side of the lake only to find three planes landing on the ice and of course the crowds gathered around them because they were unique till we showed up I had several people inquire as to where they could get a hover and we took a few pictures in fact one of those pictures headlines our web site if you log on you will see Linda standing on the side of the 800 looking out at the airplanes. We then proceeded to load up our hover on the fly on fly off trailer and with that concluded our Lake Geneva Adventure. I think the really fun part about having a hover is that you can do and go where others can’t and the uniqueness of a hover is that it’s a boat, snowmobile, and an ATV all in one incredible machine. What is even better is unlike one of these a hover is all of those and more if the conditions demand that you change vehicles by the time you find out it is too late. For instance if you’re cruising along on your snowmobile and suddenly there is no more ice it’s a little tough to go back and get the boat you’re sunk and treading water. The hover just keeps on going ignoring the change of surface and giving you FREEDOM! You would never think to take your boat on a partially frozen lake or river but the hover doesn’t care it calls to you saying “let’s go play on that!” and if you’re daring enough and if you’re adventuresome enough you heed to it’s calling and plunge into your Adventure! I invite you to come join us because like I always say “Where everyone else has to stop we’re just getting started”. If you enjoyed this little adventure visit our blog again. For information about hovercrafts visit us at

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