Friday, March 25, 2011

To Own The River

When we first got to the ramp Seth was the first to get unloaded and onto the ramp leading down to the river. No one had been down the ramp since September so the snow was piled up in front of it, after accessing the situation we determined Seth could just fly the GT over the top of the 4-foot bump and fly out onto the ice and with that he was on his way. Me I was in the Hovertour 800 so it was a little more of a challenge not because it wouldn’t go over it but taking that 1200-pound hover over an obstacle requires some thought. First I had to determine if it was wide enough to allow me to have some kind of level area to fly over, you don’t want to get on top of an obstacle and teeter totter on it. The next thing to consider was would the front of the hover begin the assent before the back of the hover bottoms out so you don’t bridge yourself and loose cushion. I had never run the 800 over such a challenge before so it was more of a guess than a calculation. It looked like it would work so what do I do? I went back to where the 800 was hovering patiently and got in and slowly began to proceed to the point I believed I could fly over the hump. When I got to the point of no return I was a little nervous, by then people were beginning to gather from the ice arena that was just to the south of where we were launching and I thought, “Great now if I mess this up every body will see” nothing like adding a little embarrassment to the equation. Sometimes everything goes just right sometimes it doesn’t this was one of the times things went just right and at the precise moment I needed to I gunned the 340 horse powered V8 and we went up and over the hump like I knew what I was doing, flew down the other side and out onto the river. What a relief I looked good and very professional, which is much better than looking like a fool. With that out of the way it was time to enjoy the wide-open river. I thought how do you follow that up and what do you do for an encore, I had just the maneuver in mind.

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