Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Own The River

Open water to the south open water to the north where do we go? In a hovercraft anywhere you want! There wasn’t much south of us but a dam to dangerous to mess with so north it was and with that we flew north of the ice arena to see what the river was like. Just past the bridge and open water was some of the smoothest ice I have ever seen on a river. It was covered with just enough snow to make it like small rolling hills, which gave you the sense you were flying in an open field. Seth like any 18 year old was off and running flying ahead of us then around us then circles around us. It was fun to watch him enjoying and experience few young men his age ever get to engage in. There he was flying about 60 mph over a river that you wouldn’t think to travel over with any other vehicle and he was doing it like a guy on a jet ski in summer. Talk about freedom! I was telling someone about our experience and they said, “That sounds dangerous that river ice is so unpredictable” I just smiled and thought, “If you only knew”. My son Paul was with me in our 800 working on getting just the right video moment and me I was just cruising with my heated enclosed twin prop 340 hp dream machine, going where few people have or can go.  I would venture to say that few if any of the people in our area had ever seen this river the way I was able to see it that day, wide open no other traffic on it just me, my two sons, and my little granddaughter and her friend, cruising the river on a lazy winter day in January. We truly owned the river that day simply because we were hovering. We played around and took in the sites for about another 10 miles then the ice became rough and it was no fun so we turned back south and brought our incredible adventure to a close. Hovers do what others can’t come join us.

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