Friday, March 18, 2011

Fontana WI

It was at that point we saw a crowd about 300 yards to the west of us, and realized it was the point of origin for the iceboat racers. Giving them a wide berth we stayed far to the north of the race and practice area and came along the west shore of Fontana dropping down behind the crowds and the action. It was fun to watch the heads turn as we glided across the ice dropped south of the crowd then circled back to the north resting in the center of all that was going on but in a way that was polite and not intrusive to the activities that were going on. It was really interesting to see how this monster gently danced through the crowd of people almost as if I was pushing a baby buggy around a busy street. I had closed the shutters in the rear for high cushion low RPM and virtually no speed. We were traveling a little more than a walk through the group of people, one of the things I’ve learned over the years is to be courteous to those around you when you are in a group of people and they for the most part are fascinated by your hover. However if you are loud and intrusive then they are simply annoyed. Usually event folks want to pay attention to the event and not someone else who just happened by for a visit so we try to keep as low a profile as we can. The people at the race event were very nice and had a few questions about the hover and what it could do and where a person might get one. I felt kind of like a bush pilot showing up in a remote village that had never seen an airplane before. Some were inquisitive others you could tell were looking wondering but too shy to ask. By the time we reached that point in our little adventure we both had to find a bathroom so we inquired and moved on to that point I also asked a few questions about who to talk to about setting up rides and lake adventures around there and got a few names. I would like to have hung around a little more but you never want to stay so long that your host would rather have you leave. Timing is everything and I would rather have people catch a glimpse of us have lots of unanswered questions and then we leave while they are really wanting us to stay. It leaves the door open for other opportunities later. So after a few more questions we got back in the hover and left to head back to the other side of the lake. 

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