Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lake Geneva a Picnic on the ice

Lake Geneva was the playground of the rich and famous for several years while Hugh Hefner had the Playboy mansion up there so some of the homes along the lake are rather large and impressive. One of those mansions is the Wriggly mansion, which is an old school building that stands out in a stately manner. The grounds are well kept and yet the place has kind of a haunted look about it. Then there were some other homes along there that were pretty cool and I thought if this was summer we could have a picnic right here. Since my 800 sports the GM 350 V-8 liquid cooled engine it has a heater and defroster like an automobile, I had the winter front and the crew enclosure so it was fairly warm inside the hover cabin, even though it was only 25 outside Linda and I were very comfortable wearing sweaters and jeans so we decided since it was so comfortable we would stop and have a picnic in front of one of the mansions. So there we were on that twenty-five degree day in February sitting in front of a mansion sipping a soda and munching on a sandwich talking about how we were the only ones doing the things we were doing. Do you know what it is like to have the knowledge that you are one of only a handful of people who first can do what you are doing and secondly are doing it? So far that was a good day! I was looking around at all the people out there on the ice there were some walking around close to shore, some ice fishing, some playing on the ice with sleds, some were ice skating, there were even 3 airplanes that came in later and landed on the ice, but we were the only ones, possibly in the entire world, sitting in a sixteen foot hovercraft having a picnic in a comfortable 65 degrees. Guys do you want to impress your lady friend take her on a picnic in a place and at a time when no one else could possibly do it and then say to her “honey there is no place I’d rather be than right here with you right now because I love you” then hand her a little “I love you” gift, now that’s romantic. You really have to try this guys it really racks up the points ya know what I mean!

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