Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ice Hovering on Lake Geneva Wi

One of our recent backwater adventures was an ice adventure. If you have never been on a hover on the ice you have got to do this. February 16th is our anniversary so we decided to go to Lake Geneva WI for the weekend and try a little adventure in our Hovertechnics Hovertour 800 twin prop hovercraft. Saturday was around 25 degrees and no wind I really like no wind days when your hovering it makes it so much nicer. We took off from the shoreline on Lake Geneva in front of The Cove Resort and Convention Center. It was the first time I had ever driven on the ice with my car so I was apprehensive even though there were dozens of other cars on the ice. I probably wouldn’t have had so much of a struggle if I hadn’t been towing a 2,000-pound hovercraft behind me. We managed to get into position and I got out and used the hydraulic jack to lift the front end of the hover trailer about three feet off the hitch beam. All that was left to do was to start the hover and let my 2,000-pound twin prop 340 horse powered beast gently slide off the trailer. Funny how that GM engine sounds like a muscle car even when it’s on a hovercraft, I hit the switch to close the shutters on the back side of the prop so that I got maximum lift with no thrust and the Hover 800 rose like a morning mist into the air and slid backward onto the ice and our Lake Geneva Hover adventure was ready to begin.

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