Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Own The River

Winter, river, ice, and danger seem to go together, however when you own a hovercraft they spell fun and adventure. Now don’t get me wrong you still have to use some common sense. First flying on rough ice is a pain not that you can’t do it in your Hovertechnics hovercraft it’s just not fun it’s like flying on two foot chop you can do it but it is not fun. On the other hand flying on four to six foot waves is fun but that’s another story. The Rock River is a mixture of good and bad but one day in January we found a great combination it was fairly smooth ice and covered with a nice blanket of four inches of snow that was fairly heavy and yet had about one inch of powder on top. You couldn’t ask for a better combination. The temperatures were a little on the cold side at about fifteen degrees. We launched from the ramp in downtown Rockford. Normally in the summer this area is filled with boats and you can hardly move without bumping into someone. Today however with near perfect conditions for the hovercraft there was me in my Hovertechnics 800 and my son’s in our Hovertechnics Hoverjet GT and no one else was out there just us we owned the river for the day. It was ours to go where we wanted and when we wanted. My youngest son Seth is all about the flying if you let him he would fly everyday in any weather my oldest is more about the video and getting the perfect photo’s of our hovering adventures so between the two of them they both had a great day on the ice. Me on a cold day in my heated 800 you couldn’t have asked for more. The family having fun and no one out there but us, if you don’t own your own hovercraft you really need to get in touch with us for less than $200.00 per month you can own your own two-person hovercraft. Trust me when I say there is nothing like a hover. When you are out there on the river and for miles it’s just you and whoever else owns a hovercraft you truly own the river. I will share more of this experience next time.

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