Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ice Boat Racing on Lake Geneva

After lunch we fired up the hover again and set out across the lake. Over in Fontana there was an iceboat race going on. Iceboats are basically a sailboat with outrigger ice skates on it; the things go incredibly fast and are a blast to watch. I got to tell you that little voice inside of all of us men that starts to shout out “you can beat them” was screaming at me, but I, being of a more mature age did what any mature man would do and showed restraint checked all directions to see if there was any other racers out and about that I should know about. When I saw there were none I continued at my leisurely speed for about 10 seconds then the voice yelled at me one more time and I couldn’t help myself in fact it was not me it was some possessed person that gripped the throttle on that beast and twisted the handle grip. I swear all I did was hang on for the ride. It is all really a blur to me now, but I do recall that throaty sound from the engine belching to life and I believe I heard it speak to me and it said “it’s about time you weenie” and with that the craft began to pickup speed and if what I recall of the situation is accurate that iceboat was eating my dust! I remember being brought back to reality by a gentle hand touching my back I think it was one of those “God” spiritual type of moments and with that gentle touch I was released from the grip of that youthful speed demon and brought back to my senses. It was at that moment I felt that gentle touch grow more insistent and realized it was Linda smacking me on the back yelling slow down! With the reflexes of a cat I immediately hit the button for the hydraulics and closed the stationary hover shutters and the hover slowed and I let off the throttle but I was still cruising around 70 mph and decided that a 360 was my best option for slowing the craft so I opened the shutters slightly throttled up and took the twin prop into a quick 360 which was actually rather fun so we did another 360 then another and finally came to a complete stop and did two or three more 360’s. I thought that was a nice end, which could have been considered my victory lap and a spin out in the winner’s circle! I wonder if the other guy knew we were racing? Oh well I had fun with it, victory was mine, and I’m sure I impressed my wife. Sorry no picture of the race I was a little too busy to take a picture but here is another mansion.

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