Monday, March 14, 2011

Lake Geneva at 60 mph

So where to go? I had never been on the lake before so I wasn’t sure where we wanted to go. That’s the cool thing about having a hover it is seldom about where can you go it is more about where do you want to go. You don’t have to worry about the thickness of the ice and with 40 gallons of fuel on board I really wasn’t worried about the distance I probably had enough fuel to circle the lake about 400 times. This Hovertour 800 is fairly thirsty on water lapping up about 9 gallons of high-octane gas per hour but on ice its is all together different it barely runs more that an idle at around 30 mile per hour. So I figured we were only using about 1-2 gallons per hour. Even at $4 per gal I could afford to cruise all day on this. With that in mind I pointed the hover toward the middle of the lake and twisted the throttle and with that the 800 lunged forward and let out a throaty yelp as if to say “its about time you let me stretch a little”! You know that feeling you get when something cool is happening and you are there but you almost feel like you are watching it in slow motion? That pretty much sums up how I was feeling that day and when the 800 was cruising 8 inches off the surface and hitting about 60 miles per hour I thought I need to show some restraint here so I hit the button on the handle bars and slowly the hydraulic pump began to close the rear shutters and slow the crafts acceleration slightly and we tapered off to a speed of about 40. It is hard to describe the sensation you get skimming over the surface at that speed I guess it would be like being strapped to the front of an airplane while the pilot is either just lifting off or just before he touches down on the runway only you never lift off more than 8 inches and you never touch down more than 8 inches. Did you know that at 40 miles per hour on a lake that is 3 miles long you could reach the other side in about 4-5 minutes? There was no speed limit out here on the lake so it was how fast do you want to get there? I really wasn’t in a race and the purpose of being out here was to take in the sights so I thought lets drop this thing down to around 15 miles per hour and see what this shore line looks like. 

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