Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lake Geneva continued

After unloading we were ready to launch. Linda and I had never taken the 800 on a long ride before just little hops on a frozen river and I didn’t know what to expect out of its performance on such a wide-open lake. Earlier that summer I had an engineer tell me he thought based on the design the craft would probably hit somewhere around 200 miles per hour given the right conditions and enough room to reach that speed. Today was that type of day and the lake was big enough, all that remained was my nerve and it wasn’t being very supportive of anything even close to that speed. You know as a guy something inside of you wants to try it just once but at my age I’ve learned to put that little boy in check. However I couldn’t help showing off a little and since all the people around me were avoiding the open water of the docking area I thought it would be fun to head right toward it. I started out slowly and moved the hover over by the docks and then gunned it and flew over the ice like an eagle soaring toward its next meal with the occasional wing tap on the surface my big yellow hover attacked it’s challenge and conquered it without even slowing down. The Hovertour 800 on the ground is a beast and you would never be able to move it but once on cushion it's more like a seagull or a duck floating on top of the water. I keep telling people the hover is awesome on ice because it's also a boat and will float you go where you want and don't worry about the conditions. Thin ice no ice it's all the same. The first time I flew a hover on thin ice and it began to crack as I traveled across it I almost panicked I swear all of my instincts were screaming "your gonna die" then my brain kicked in and I remembered it would float and then it became an experience you have to do to understand. After crossing the open water and returning to the ice I did a 360 spin just to make sure the crowds around me were looking and saw what I had just done. I wasn’t disappointed you could tell they were all impressed. Ok so it was a little show boating but when you got it you might as well flaunt it. With that I pointed the 800 toward open ice and we were under way.

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